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 Product development and Manufacture of drugs, biomarkers and vaccines from Protein and DNA


Lysine Biotech is a state-of-the-art start-up biotech company located in TICEL Bio-Park Limited,Taramani Tamilnadu Chennai, India.

The company was established during the year 2018 by Managing Director and eminent scientist Dr. AnandaGopu PERUMAL with great ambition.

The TICEL Bio-park is spread over more than 3 acres, consisting of 12 multi-story buildings with an area of approximately 2.63 lakh sqft.

The TICEL Bio-park has a state-of-the-art common Instrument facility (worth 30 crores) and other utilities which is available 24/7.

Strong capabilities in new scientific platforms including 2nd & 3rd generation of CAR T cell, gene therapies, Biobetter and Biosimilar (mAbs), Insoluble drug delivery technologies, Antimicrobial drug resistance bi & tri specific antibiotics, antifungal and antibody conjugates, and Industrial (Chemicals and Enzymes).

Lysine Biotech has occupied more than 4563 sqft. Ft with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and instruments and located in module no. 906 9th floor of TICEL Bio-Park Phase II, No.5, CSIR, Road, Taramani,Chennai 600113, Tamil Nadu, India.

Who We Are

Lysine Biotech is a start-up biotech company based in Tamilnadu, India and established in the year 2018.
We are currently involved in new 3rd generation of CAR T cell and Biosimilar developments, from early discovery through pre-clinical and clinical trials.
In addition to drug/vaccine discovery and development related to infectious diseases, we have also made contributions to projects in Diabetes, Oncology, Cardiovascular, Neuroscience and Rare diseases.
Our aim is to provide affordable, safe and effective drugs/vaccines for diseases with global prevalence.

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