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 Product development and Manufacture of drugs, biomarkers and vaccines from Protein and DNA

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Lysine Biotech is a Made in Tamilnadu-India based start-up biotech company established in the year 2018.

We are currently involved new drug development pipeline, from early discovery through Pre-Clinical and Clinical Trials. In addition to Infectious disease drug/vaccine discovery and development, we have also made contributions to projects in Diabetes, Oncology, Cardiovascular and Neuroscience Diseases. Our aim is to provide affordable, safe and effective drugs/vaccine for diseases with global prevalence.

Lysine Biotech is committed to product development and manufacturing of drugs, biomarker and vaccines for several disease, Infectious diseases and biological molecules are produced from living organisms and range from DNA and protein through in-silico and wet lab technologies, which are useful for the medicinal and industrial applications.

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Long non coding reading frames endless RNA (lncrfeRNA)

long non coding reading frames endless RNA (lncrfeRNA) ” published in the journal" Bioinformation. 2008. 2, 304-307. doi: 10.6026/97320630002304

— a new class of programmable medicines capable of expressing therapeutic proteins, Membrane Proteins, Peptides, Antibodies, Vaccine inside the body.

i) lncrfeRNA engineered to translate programmed frame genetic non code and express proteins
ii)Stability functions and long lasting.
iii)long non-coding reading frames regions to used for various tasks, including post-transcriptional regulation, organization of protein complexes, control expression, stability, targeting, cell-cell signalling, allosteric regulation of proteins and more.
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